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Designs for Science Literacy

Guiding K–12 curriculum reform. From the 2061 project in America:

A long-term research and development initiative focused on improving science education so that all Americans can become literate in science, mathematics, and technology.

Who Is Designs for Science Literacy For ?

Designs has been written for five main audiences. Its purpose is to help:

  • Administrators and teachers to organize curriculum change in a way consistent with a new national vision of science literacy.
  • Developers and publishers of instructional materials to adopt a conceptual framework for the invention and revision of their products, concentrating seriously on the specific learning goals to be achieved.
  • Designers of K-12 curricula to consider the science, mathematics, and technology components of the curriculum as a coherent whole.
  • Education reform leaders to introduce near-term improvements that will contribute to significant long-term curriculum change.
  • College faculty to teach the principles of curriculum analysis and design to new and experienced teachers.

This book offers some insights into curriculum design challenges and a variety of ideas on instructional strategies and content. And although the focus is on science knowledge for Americans, its applicable to anyone involved in teaching science  Worth perusing. Have a look at other material on the site.


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