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Get ready for H5P Interactive Book!

The much awaited H5P Interactive Book is about to be released…

Yes, it’s been a long time coming.

I was at the H5P Conference in Melbourne at the end of 2018 when this was first shown in public. So somer of us have been using a Beta release for a while. But now it’s here!

You can read the press release here: https://h5p.org/august-2020-release-note#h5pbookid=929523&section=top&chapter=h5p-interactive-book-chapter-78910f0b-9976-451a-827b-ff9cdfd3a3a8

It will be available soon:

  • On H5P.com US from August 11th
  • On H5P.com AP and EU from August 13th
  • On H5P.org until August 13th(for testing)
  • Available now for WordPress, Moodle and Drupal through the H5P Hub (an admin must install it)

So what are the key features?

  • Authors don’t have to think about the design or positioning like they do in other content types. The layout and design is taken care of automatically.
  • Pages don’t have a fixed size so you may have any amount of content per page.
  • Interactive Book is more accessible and allows read speakers to always read the content in the correct order.
  • Interactive Book is fully responsive. Multi column layout support coming soon.
  • Each page of the Interactive Book has its own URL; because of this, Google indexes all pages and is able to send their users to the page where the information is.

For now I’ll let you think about what the list above means for you in the real world.

Next month I’ll disect and expand on these points after using the official release for a month. The one thing I can say right now … this is potentially going to replace the need for otherwise expensive and specialist SCORM content for many users. Really. You read it here first !

Stuart Mealor
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