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LMS global stats – you’re probably half right

Yes, it’s official, Moodle is the preferred Learning Management System for more than half the world!

This image was recently shared by Martin Dougiamas, founder and CEO of Moodle.

If you were to believe the ‘popular press’ you could be forgiven for thinking that Blackboard was the world’s leading Learning Management System (LMS), or that Canvas is taking over the world.

You would be wrong.

The problem is that the ‘popular press’ is often a) USA centric in it’s view and data, or b) thinly veiled marketing attempts by those who sell proprietary closed systems.

It’s nice to see a graphic that shows the true picture of Moodle installation, albeit limited to the Higher Education University sector.

Even if you are not a University, the data should make you stop.  And think.  “If these organisations, who have relatively large budgets, and have education and learning at their core choose Moodle, shouldn’t we be taking a long hard look at why?

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

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