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LUMI, an H5P Editing Alternative

I have been doing my part to spread the good word about H5P over the past few years through workshops, webinars, conference presentations, blog posts and sharing “How To” documents. One of the oddities I have found is that webinar audiences are aligned with different H5P editors. This is due to an institutional LMS or lack of an institutional LMS. This makes running professional development sessions more laborious, as the facilitator must alter workshop presentation, hand outs and videos to accommodate each H5P configuration. This post introduces some H5P editing configurations and focuses on one, Lumi, that offers workshop facilitators and teacher developers a few advantages. The inspiration for this post is my use of Lumi as the demonstration editor when I facilitate H5P sessions to mixed audiences or institutions that are not yet set up with a common H5P editor.

H5P Editing Options

What are available H5P editing configurations? Four are listed here. As H5P is an open source tool, there may be more, but these are ones I consider before running H5P training sessions. If you know of others, it would be useful to us all to share them in the comments below.


This is the H5P original open editor and resources site. It allows educators to access a few H5P tools without cost. This service offers the advantages of publishing H5P learning objects online and foregoing an LMS. However, no grades and student tracking are recorded. This editor’s options have been greatly reduced over the past few years. I no longer use it for hands on training. However, I still use it to demonstrate exemplars. This site houses core information about H5P including exemplars, documentation and tutorials.


H5P’s services offer, hosting options, complete and current web editing configuration and tools, integration of current editing H5P tools with a variety of hosts such as D2L and publishing of H5P learning objects. Please check with H5P.com for current licensing plans.

Moodle Integration

Moodle’s integration of H5P into its core offer comprehensive H5P editing within the Moodle LMS. Moodle administrators must be attentive with upgrades to ensure all of the H5P tools are present and current. H5P activity and grades are tracked and recorded in logs, reports and the grade book. There is some variation between H5P tools but that would take another blog post to detail. Learning objects can be published and shared throughout the LMS.


The Lumi Education H5P editor allows educators to access current H5P tools without cost. Since Lumi is an app that is installed on a device or laptop, it allows H5P editing without signing in to an LMS. H5Ps can be created, edited and published directly on the desktop. When is the last time you worked on generating learning objects without accessing the internet? This is possible while working with Lumi. I really appreciate the Preview function as well. While editing, the developer can quickly switch to preview and then jump back to editing mode. Another interesting Lumi feature is the export utility. Lumi allows teachers to export their H5P learning objects to HTML folders and SCORM 1.2 formats. These can be shared and viewed on any browser for student interaction. However, grades or tracking will not be recorded using this method. Saved H5Ps can be uploaded to any LMS Content Bank, allowing the H5P to be placed within an LMS course.

Final thoughts

As a workshop facilitator, Lumi allows all participants to participate in hands on sessions, whether face to face or remotely. It has a clean interface, allows learners to publish their work and share it to others as a web page. As well, when working with H5P projects, it is useful to have the alternative to work with them offline. I think it should be considered as an option if you are an educator using H5P. I have cobbled together a How To document for those who want to try out Lumi to make H5Ps. See the link below.


Moodle Docs H5P, https://docs.moodle.org/311/en/H5P

Lumi Education, https://lumi.education

H5P, H5p.org

H5P Service, H5P.com

How To Make a question Set with LUMI, https://tinyurl.com/4rzr3y6m

John Allan

John Allan

John is a Canadian who writes about learning object development and online facilitation from a teacher's perspective.

2 thoughts on “LUMI, an H5P Editing Alternative

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  • Great post John 🙂
    I have used H5P on H5P.org, we have a paid H5P.com account, and of course within Moodle.
    I haven’t used Lumi in a while, but it’s ability to create H5P content offline could be really useful for people with slow internet for sure.
    It can be challenging moving between the various different H5P environments.
    And even in Moodle the use of core H5P, or H5P plugin is very confusing for teachers, and even admins.


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