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Moodle 4.0 announcement

Moodle paid respect to the community…


Welcome to a new contemporary look and feel that is fresh and intuitive, with tabbed navigation and a redefined course experience that makes it easier for educators or trainers to create and edit courses and for learners to prioritise and complete course work.

Central to this release are our users and Moodle community, with whom we engaged throughout the entire journey. We have made sure that whether you’ve been using Moodle for ten years or ten minutes, we addressed the most critical friction points but in a way that ensured current users did not need to relearn the process.

We started with a user experience benchmark study with 770 responses and a series of twelve workshops that identified the issues and prioritised them via a qualifying criteria process which rated the scale of the problem, investment of time to resolve and impact of the result. Through ideation, prototypes and until the last phases of development, we tested and refined solutions with our end users.

Moodle 4.0 is dedicated to the Moodle community, partners, educators, trainers, developers, administrators, and learners who have contributed to the evolution of Moodle over the last 20 years. As an open source platform, our community is one of our greatest strengths, and we thank you for your ongoing contributions. Over that time we have seen more than 130,000 contributions to the Moodle code base, from 897 developers across 58 countries. And that’s not all, many more people have contributed in our forums, with translations, through our wonderful network of Moodle Certified Service Providers, and directly from Moodle HQ. Thank you all!

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