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Moodle 4.0 with BigBlueButton

Moodle 4.0 will feature easy BBB video-conference integration…

[Image source: www.bigbluebutton.org]

BigBlueButton, the open source web conferencing solution providing real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat and screen, will be incorporated into Moodle 4.0 as a standard feature.

Currently available as a Moodle plugin, BigBlueButton allows educators or managers to use breakout rooms, polls, multi-user whiteboard, and shared notes to engage learners.

Blindside Networks, the company that started the BigBlueButton project and developer of the popular Moodle plugin, will offer a built-in free tier hosting of BigBlueButton to enable any school running Moodle 4.0 to try out BigBlueButton right away.

The free tier hosting will include 60 minutes and 25 users per session, moderator webcam, and seven day non-downloadable recordings.

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

Stuart is interested in all things e-learning, with specific interests in Moodle, e-learning strategy, and business development. His experience in education over 30 years, MBA in International Business, and knowledge of e-learning systems implementation, together with graphic design background, give him a unique skill set for e-learning projects.

2 thoughts on “Moodle 4.0 with BigBlueButton

  • Anonymous

    If BBB will be free on Moodle 4.00 for 25 students, how will payment be organized for more students and other pro features?

    • blank ElearningWorld Admin

      We are not sure how this will work.
      And there may be different payment options depending on whether you are using MoodleCloud, self-hosting, or hosting with a Moodle Partner for example.
      Moodle 4.0 is now bring released in February 2022, so in January we will see the final beta’s and have a clearer view 🙂

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