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Moodle plugin of the month – Masked field

A simple plugin for creating user profile fields with custom masks.

This month we feature a very simple Moodle plugin, which non the less could be really helpful in many sites.

This plugin allows the Moodle site administrator to create user profile fields with custom masks. A mask is essentially a “forced format” or template.

Inside the field mask, administrators can just put the desired mask as the formats below:

  • For dates, you could use:
    • 00/00/0000
  • For postal codes you could use:
    • 000.000
  • For mobile phone numbers you could use:
    • (00) 000 000000

Basically you are adding ‘placeholders’ for the characters or numbers, and this helps ensure users adding the correct information – neat 🙂

Note that my examples above relate to how data might be formatted in New Zealand, obviously phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, and other data will have different formatting in different counties.

You can install the plugin from the Moodle plugins area:


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