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Moodle plugin of the month – Mindmap

Yes, you can create a Mindmap right within Moodle now!

I don’t need to go into why mindmaps are a valid tool for educators and learners, because they can be used in so many creative ways, and in so many different contexts.

This Moodle plugin allows you to create simple mindmaps right within Moodle, just like any other activity, which is super cool.

Moodle Mindmap plugin

It’s very simple to use too!

Use the main buttons from the Mindmap taskbar to create mindmaps – adding “Nodes” and “Edges” (what I would usually call ‘Connectors’ probably). If you double click anywhere in the empty space you can start connecting lines between nodes (helps to save a few clicks). Just double click on node to edit the content in a popup.

One thing I did have a small problem with when using it: note that the popup appears below the Mindmap, so you may need to shrink your view size in the browser.

The other thing is that my trackpad kept zooming in and out as I was trying to create the mindmap above, although it’s just a case of stopping for fingers ‘muscle memory’ for a while 😉

Well worth installing, and I will definitely be adding it to our MoodleBites site so we can use it in courses there – which is the highest recommendation I can give a plugin !

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

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