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Moodle Tech Tip – customising the forum post subject line

Do you ever wish you could change the title of Forum posts from Moodle?

Usually when forum subscribers receive emails from Moodle Forums, the subject line is of the form Course short name + Subject of post.

So it looks like this:


But notice that it doesn’t have the actual course name?

That could be confusing when learners are active in multiple courses eh?

But it’s a little known secret that the subject line can be changed – for example to:

Course short name + Forum name + Subject

Administrators can do this by going to:

 Site administration > Language > Language customisation

and then in the forum.php file changing the string:


For example changing this to:

{$a->courseshortname} {$a->forumname} {$a->subject}

Will result in the following:


Pretty cool and very useful eh?

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

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