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LifeStyle Learning and HRDNZ – crafting an efficient and coherent e-learning strategy.

Established by a group of individuals that have dedicated their lives to the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry, they have teamed up with international experts such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), YMCA Awards and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) to offer innovative and up-to-date courses. They provide qualifications suited to Health, Wellness and Fitness career goals; including Fitness Coach, Wellness Coach, Health Coach and Lifestyle Coach.

The LifeStyle Learning Moodle site is the end point of a rather long journey!

The project was to combine two existing Moodle sites into one.

Sounds easy right?  But like many migration projects the devil was in the detail.

After reviewing one of the existing sites (around 8,000 users), we found it was using a very old version of Moodle (insecure and no longer maintained), with dozens of plugins installed, but not configured correctly.

The other site was relatively small, both in terms of courses and users.

We therefore took a somewhat manual path of creating a completely new site, and importing courses from the other two sites into the new site. This would guarantee a ‘fresh new start’ and avoid inheriting any of the previous database or other problems.

The new site is: https://www.lifestylelearning.co

The new site is not especially ground-breaking in terms of functionality, relying more on really great use of the main Moodle tools such as Lessons, Quizzes, and embedded movies.

However it does use the new Boost standard Theme, meaning one interface works exceptionally well for mobile users, something that the client was especially keen on given the mobility of their learners!

We expect to see this site grow over the coming years, and probably integrating a wider set of tools and technologies such as video-conference and timetabling/tutorial options, built-around some of the leading Moodle plugins available.

Contact helpdesk[AT]hrdnz.com if you would like to discuss how we might be able to support your Moodle project and site 🙂


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