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Sharing What We Do

Sharing is one of the strongest parts of Moodle.

Moodlers share code, ideas, knowledge in the forums and resources. If you haven’t had a chance yet, you should check out the resources on Moodle.net.  It can be reached directly or in a link at the top of the Moodle.org page.  Moodle.net is a place to share what we do best as instructors and as Moodlers.

You can find course backups that can be downloaded and restored into your own Moodle site as well as courses that can be enrolled in if you have the inclination. If you are your institution are new to Moodle, downloading and restoring some of the best courses is a great way to have examples of how a Moodle course can work.

You can also checkout the “other content” link to find donations of individual activities and resources shared by other Moodle users.  They include such things as quiz questions for importing into a Moodle course, database presets and some database entries, SCORM packages, book resources, and glossary entries.  These are put here by those who have developed them and just want to share the resource.

I hope that you will have an opportunity to explore and maybe add some of your own. All entries do have to go through a short approval process. If you add a resource, it may take a little while before your friends can get online and see it.

Paula Clough
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Paula Clough

A "retired teacher". Thirty two years experience in Education. 10 years with Moodle in K-12 and college levels.

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