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Spotlight (new Moodle feature) Private files size

Private files space available now visible to students.

Does your site enable the Private Files area?

Not all sites do, but it can be useful in some sites.

A new feature in Moodle 3.4 now shows users how much space they actually have in their Private Files area when they upload a file – useful !

If you are an administrator, you may want to see how much space is being used by private files on your server right?

You can take a look in the mdl_files database table. If you search for: component = ‘user’ and filearea = ‘private’, then that will give you a list of all files stored in the private files area (the filesize field will tell you how much space they take up).

Be aware that if any of those files are used elsewhere on the system, then having them in private files as well will take up no further storage space, other than the few bytes for the database row (as Moodle only stores the content of any file once – all files with the same content are a reference to the same file on the server).

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