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Jigsaw of the day…

We’ve got a Quiz with a due date, 3 attempts allowed, and 85% passing score.

In this quiz more than 60 people completed more than 150 attempts.

Now we want to extend the due date to allow participants improve their makrs, and allow only those who failed after the 3rd attempt to try 3 more times.

How can we easily detect those guys to manually give them 3 more attempts? thoughtful

Option 1 – The spreadsheet
One idea is to download the attempts and play with the spreadsheet filters.

Option 2 – The gradebook
The other idea is to go through the grader report and sort the grades in a descending order. Then check the latest participants and see who didn’t reach the 85%.

Then just to verify, check those participants complete report to ensure that they do took all three attempts.

Which one would you prefer? thoughtful

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