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Keller’s ARCS model of motivation

Reading aboutKeller’s ARCS model of motivation peaked my interest…

ARCS modle of motivation table

One concern within my field of bridging, or foundation studies, is that learners understand how to engage with the process of learning in a way that will empower them, not only to take in the knowledge they require for their area of study, but also that they interact with the process so that they embed their newfound skills.


This model has been effective in empowering the learners to take control of their own learning. In the classroom after introducing the model and discussing the issues involved, I ask the students to review past learning experiences in the light of this: one positive and one negative. The aim here is to get the students to comprehend their roles and responsibilities within their education.

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A well structured lesson with a range of resources can make for an interesting lesson, however what happens if you have to sit through a lecture and you are not an aural learner? How can you manipulate the situation to make it an effective learning experience?

I also reviewed  lessons in terms of the model, not only is it important to ensure the learners understand why we are going to cover a particular topic and what they will achieve, as learning outcomes, but in order to ensure satisfaction it is crucial to acknowledge where the student has achieved the required outcomes. The simplest path is to have a marking schedule so they have a concrete way of assessing their level of competency. However paired research, presentations, tutorials  and feedback sessions all have a role to play here too.


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  • I hadn’t seen this model before – but it looks very simple and graphical – easy to understand – exactly what I like !It would be interesting to see if anyone else uses this or similar models in their teaching?


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