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Stuart awarded PHM for 2021

PHM means ‘Particularly Helpful Moodler’ as decided by the community on Moodle.org.

The Particularly Helpful Moodler Badge (or a ‘PHM” as it’s known) is an Open Badge awarded on Moodle.org to people who have made an outstanding contribution to supporting others in the community Forums.

The designation is only awarded when other members of the community consistently rate the posts an d contributions of a user as especially useful.

In February 2021 Stuart Mealor was awarded PHM, meaning he has consistently achieved this for more than a decade now !

Like other PHM’s, Stuart is recognised by the community for his amazing (and free) support given to others on Moodle.org – freely sharing his knowledge and experience to help others.

It’s an amazing record, and well deserved recognition 🙂

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