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Tracker devices

I’ve recently been investigating various Tracker device to give as gift to workshop presenters at NZ Moodle Moot 2014 (#mootnz14)

After trying to place an order for TrackR’s (only to find out they can’t give a guarantee of delivery in 6 weeks) I had to cancel and research different options:

  • Chipolo  Nice small size, lots of different colours $229.00 for 9 (=+/-$22 each) iPhone and Android apps.  Ships in one week !
  • Stick-N-Find Stickers  iPhone and Android  $49  But they get stuck in one place sad
  • Proximo Tag $39.95
  • Cobra Tag  iPhone and Android  $40  Quite big

Non starters:

  • HipKey $89 Available through Apple Store, but quite expensive
  • TrackR couldn’t deliver in time
  • Zomm quite pricey at $69
  • iFi Smart Tag  quite big
  • Duet by ProTag – shipping September despite taking pre-orders
  • Tile  iOS only (not Android client)  $20  No battery replacement sad
  • Gecko only pre-order

So, right now, the Chipolo is by far the best option for us.

I would say when choosing a device think carefully about how you will use it, whether you want to be able to replace the battery, and the functionality (and price of course).  These things vary widely – but ultimately you will be paying an average of $30-$40 per device.
If you want a really cheap option and don’t mind throwing it away after a year the Tile is good for iPhone owner. Or you can wait for the TrackR or the Duet to get their production sorted out as they seem the best balance of size, price, and functionality.

I’ll actually return to update this post over the next few days, as it’s a new area for me, and I might uncover some more useful tips.  I’d love others to comment on their experiences too?

Stuart Mealor
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One thought on “Tracker devices

  • Too bad that I am going to miss another one NZ Moot 🙁

    I find your gifts Stuart always great! We still use the sun-power torch, specially the dark evenings of the 😉

    Many many likes for the Chipolo! Lucky guests and attendees!


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