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Forums for learning 7 – Teacher only forum

A question I have heard quite often, with a deceptively simple answer.

Now and again I heard people ask “How can we create a Forum that is just for Teachers?”

In some cases a solution has been to create a separate course, with just the teachers, and use that.

However, an extremely simple way to create a Teacher only forum, is to add a forum to a course … and then hide it ! Teachers are able to view hidden course activities, but Students cannot. Easy.

One additional tip is to name the Forum something like “Hidden forum for Teachers”, just to make it really obvious.

In fact, I often use something in capitals like “TEACHER ONLY hidden forum” – because being hidden the forum link will be grey, which can be a little difficult to spot, and this makes it easier.

I also position this at the top of the course, because it doesn’t affect the learners view, but is instantly available for the teachers.

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

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