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Moodle Quiz question type – Drag and Drop onto image

Drag and drop image allows students to drag words, images or both into pre-defined locations on an image.

There are many ways to creatively use Moodle’s drag and drop onto image question type…

  • Parts of the body.
  • Countries or regions on a map.
  • Creating a flowchart.
  • << insert your own cool idea here! >>

This question type enables students to drag words, images or even both(!) from a list, and drop them into pre-defined location on an underlying image.

It can be used for simple labelling, or more complex exercises, such as completing a logic diagram for example.

It’s worth noting that draggable images cannot be more than 150 x 100 pixels, and with this question type there is some ‘preparation’ to do beforehand to craft a really engaging and useful exercise.

Although scoring is simply right or wrong for each option (with no negative grading) there are numerous advanced settings for tweaking how the question works, including penalties for multiple attempts, and feedback on correct and incorrect placements.

The Drag and Drop onto image question type definitely takes some time to setup. It’s best to have an image of the right dimensions e.g. 600×400 beforehand, and know exactly what you want to drop zones to be. The clearer you are on what you want to achieve the easier it will be. That said, it’s really valuable to ‘play around’ with this question type first, and fumble your way through a couple of times, just to get a really good idea about how it works.

It’s lot more work than adding a simple multiple choice question for sure, but the benefits and flexibility mean that really well created drag and drop onto image questions could often be a single question in a quiz, representing a learning opportunities and exercise, rather than thinking of this as just as assessment tool.

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