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H5P is better than Apps!

Join me on my journey as I create H5P kids activities (Flash Cards) that are better than Store Apps…

Quite often while waiting for lunch with my daughters (Emily 6, and Olivia 4) they want to play on my iPhone. Of course they do. So a couple of months ago I installed a couple of free ‘guess the animal’ type quizzes. It’s great that some people will put these on the App Stores for free (having created Apps for Google Play and Apple App Store I know it’s a huge drama with verification, certificate signing, etc. etc. although Google Play is much easier than Apple).

However, I was surprised how poor some of the Apps actually are.

As expected the free ones have ads, and pop-up for upgrades. That’s cool, we all understand the loss-leader idea, but with apps targeted at young children it’s really not a great user experience for them.

Also, I noticed that many of the images used for the animal were really unclear.

So, I thought “Maybe I can create something just as good with H5P?

So I have 🙂

So far I’ve created 4 ‘Guess the animals” type games using different H5P content types, and have a couple of ideas for others too. So, I’m going to share them here, and hopefully get some feedback from readers … please ?!?!

Note that I’ve tried hard to make it a good ‘learning opportunity’ with tips for possible answers, and feedback for correct or incorrect answers. Also the attributions are as complete as I can make them.

Any ideas for improvement?

I’ll post examples each month of different ways of creating similar, but using different H5P content types.

Please feel free to try them out, especially if you have young kids, and you are using a smartphone. Here’s the first one, created with H5P Flash Cards, and formatted in a way that works well for mobile delivery. Feel free to embed it as you wish !

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