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H5P’s new feature: Virtual Tour (360)

As I read the notification that H5P had just released its Virtual Tour tool I was excited.  On that day, I had facilitated a how to workshop on basic VR for college instructors.  One of the tools demonstrated was Google Tour Creator.  I was hoping that H5P’s offering would include features that are missing with the Google Tour Creator.

After creating a few Virtual Tour 360s, it can be concluded that each app (Virtual Tour and Google Tour Creator) each has its strengths.  The greatest advantage Virtual Tour 360 includes is the ability to position questions on the virtual tour.  This is a feature that is currently missing on the Google Tour Creator.

On screen features of H5P’s Virtual Tour 360 include:

  • A next scene button
  • text boxes
  • images
  • video
  • audio
  • summary question (you can have many questions in one place)
  • single choice set (you can have many questions in one place)

I have found that using my Smartphone to take panorama images results in acceptable views.  However, using an app (Street View Download 360) to download existing 360 Street Views is a great means of generating a higher quality virtual tour.

From an instructional perspective, being able to overlay media and questions on a 360 or a flat image allows for a myriad of learning possibilities.

All H5P learning objects, including the 360 Virtual Tour,  are responsive to different screen sizes and orientations. They also easily embed into most blog and learning management systems.

Final Thoughts

H5P’s Virtual Tour 360 is a welcome addition to H5P’s already generous pallet of learning object creation tools.  I will be using it for different purposes in my classes. I am hoping to learn how others will use it for teaching or training over the next few months.


If anyone else out there has any further observations, please comment below.


H5P,  https://h5p.org

H5P Virtual Tour (360), https://h5p.org/virtual-tour-360

Google Tour Creator, https://poly.google.com/tours

Street View Download 360,  https://svd360.istreetview.com

John Allan

John Allan

John is a Canadian who writes about learning object development and online facilitation from a teacher's perspective.

One thought on “H5P’s new feature: Virtual Tour (360)

  • Yes, it’s great to have the new Virtual Tour (360) in H5P now – I’m going to set aside some time to experiment with it next week, and hoping to think of some creative uses 🙂


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