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Moodle plugin of the month – Linkedin authentication

Running a Moodle site for professionals? Maybe the Linkedin authentication plugin would help?

It’s possible to use Linkedin as an authentication method for Moodle using this plugin.

If your Moodle site is for a professional organisation or association, and many users have a Linkedin profile, why not them Login to Moodle using their Linkedin account for that ‘professional feel’ ?

After installing and setting up the plugin, the process for users is:

  • The user clicks the Login with Linkedin button
  • A popup opens that redirects to the Linkedin page asking for the Linkedin username/password and approval to give moodle access to your profile.

    If the user was already logged into Linkedin in some other browsers window the popup only asks permission to Login using Linkedin.

  • When the users finishes the Linkedin authentication process the Moodle page reloads and redirects the user the a form asking for the users email.
  • When finished the user is logged into Moodle and Linkedin profile information is shown in the Linkedin Block.

Find out more: Linkedin on Moodle plugins directory

Stuart Mealor
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