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How classroom technology is holding students back

Educators love digital devices, but there’s little evidence they help children…

I strongly encourage you to read this in full – a fascinating report from Natalie Wexler https://www.technologyreview.com/s/614893/classroom-technology-holding-students-back-edtech-kids-education/

The report includes findings such as:

College students who used laptops or digital devices in their classes did worse on exams. Eighth graders who took Algebra I online did much worse than those who took the course in person.

A key perspective that is uncovered includes:

“It’s different when you’re learning from a person and you have a relationship with that person,” cognitive psychologist Daniel Willingham has said. “That makes you care a little bit more about what they think, and it makes you a little bit more willing to put forth effort.”

Interesting article, that challenges the thoughtless assumption by many educators that technology is always good. It clearly isn’t, and we need to understand how, when, and why to use technology, and not just adopt it because we “think” it might be advantageous.

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