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Moodle course formats #2 Weekly format

What’s special about the Weekly course format in Moodle?

In Moodle every course has an overall structure, called a format.

In the Weekly course format the course is organised week by week, the most obvious result of this is that each section automatically has a date heading.

Moodle will create a section for each week of the course. You can add content, forums, quizzes, and so on in the section for each week.

The second most obvious thing about using the Moodle Weekly course format is that the current week is always highlighted. This can help your students identify “where they are” in the course.

If all your learners are progressing at the same time, this is a great course format. But if it’s more of a self-pace or ‘roll on / roll off’ type course then the Topic course format is probably better.

It’s important to ensure your course start date is set correctly. If it is not, your weeks will have the wrong date on it. This is easy to miss if you are restoring a course to use with a new class of students.

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