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Moodle for the English Foreign Language Oral Exam

While it is true that Moodle has a presence in Israel’s Higher Education system, Moodle is making inroads in  K-12 Education in the country, too. I wish to share one initiative in which Moodle plays a central role in supporting English as a Foreign Language instruction, learning, and testing in Israel nowadays: the “Preparation for COBE in one single Platform: A Ministry of Education Moodle Platform!”-

Learn about the initiative on this link

After three years of a successful pilot, this year all students in Israel will be taking the Oral Matriculation Exam in English via computer. This exam is also known as the Computerized Oral Bagrut  Exam (COBE).

A few words concerning both Matriculation exams in Israel and the Hebrew word, “Bagrut”. “Te’udat Bagrut” (Hebrew: תעודת בגרות‎, lit. “maturity certificate”, Arabic: شهادة بجروت) is a certificate that attests that a student has successfully passed Israel’s high school matriculation examination. Bagrut is a prerequisite for higher education in Israel. (Source: Wikipedia). The Bagrut exam in English includes the Oral exam which pupils have to take.

The English Oral Bagrut tests the ability of pupils to use English to communicate orally. It includes Listening Comprehension and speaking. During this Coronavirus time, due to the need to help our learners get ready for COBE both from school and from home, and thanks to the support of Dr. Tziona Levi, Chief Inspector of English, Israel Ministry of Education, we have partnered to develop a Ministry of Education Moodle Template. Having this Moodle Template available makes it possible for teachers to get as many copies (Moodle environments with their pupils enrolled) as they need to allow their students to practice all three parts of the exam.

I am glad to have been part of an initiative that has involved collaboration amongst teachers, Israel’s Ministry of Education Moodle people, and the Chief Inspector of English. For those of us who are Moodle enthusiasts, it is crystal clear that Moodle empowers educators. I believe that this Moodle Template certainty does that, and empowers our learners, too.

Eduardo Lina

Eduardo Lina

Born in Argentina, Eduardo has been living and working in Israel since 1979 - and he loves to use Moodle! Married to Susy, with two daughters: Gabriela and Maia, and three granddaughters (Sol, Dor, and Eliana), Eduardo is teaching English at school. Having completed with HRDNZ both MoodleBites for Teachers and the six MEC courses, Eduardo is a Moodle Certified Educator. He is a Certified Israel Ministry of Education Teachers’ teacher. He has developed and facilitated several Israel Ministry of Education's Spanish and English as a Foreign Language online workshops.

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  • Wow – what a great initiative !
    It’s so cool to hear about such project from different parts of the world 🙂


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