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Moodle course formats #1 Social format

Do you know how the Social course format works in Moodle?

In Moodle every course has an overall structure, called a format.

The Social course format is oriented around one main forum, a social forum, which is placed on the main page. You don’t click a link to read the Forum, the Forum is right THERE on the course home page.

It is quite different to the most used Weekly and Topic course formats, and using the social course may not even feel like a traditional course at all.

(If you want to see an example of the social course format in action, just take a look at the Moodle Lounge on Moodle.org).

When using the social course format, it is possible to specify how many discussions you want to display on the course page.

It’s a good idea to add a forum introduction as this is displayed at the top of the course page.

Interestingly, activities and resources can be added at the side by using the Social activities block. This Block is only available for use with the Social course format, so you might not have seen this before.

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