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Moodle Quiz question type – Drag and Drop text

Drag and drop questions feature missing words that have to be dragged into gaps in text.

For this question type, you can simply add question text as you would with other questions.

You then add double square brackets ‘[[n]]’ with a number, in place of the word you want the students to add.

You then add the missing words or phrases in a series of numbered boxes in a ‘Choice’ section. (You can even add extra choices to make the question more challenging). You also have a options to ‘Shuffle’ the display order.

Choices that are within the same Group are colour coded (cool!) and can only be dropped into a gap with the corresponding colour. Choices can be marked as Unlimited, and can be used in multiple locations.

The scoring of correct answers is simple, as all gaps are weighted equally. Only gaps that are filled correctly gain marks, and there is no negative marking of gaps that are filled incorrectly.

There are a few more options in terms of how the question works in practice, including penalties for multiple attempts, clearing incorrect responses, and showing which of the responses were correct, or not.

This is a very flexible question type, which does take a little time to master or teachers, but the effort if well worth it !

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