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Moodle assignments are a common means of setting learning tasks and collecting student submissions.  Rubrics can be associated with assignments and linked directly to the course grade book.  Instructors open submitted assignments and grade using the digital rubric.  If you have not tried this and you are a writing teacher, Moodle rubrics can save you a great deal of time and energy.  You and your team to can use rubrics to:

  • make assessment more efficient (grades are calculated automatically )
  • increase departmental assessment transparency
  • provide students criterion based feedback

Beyond the core benefits of using a Moodle assignment rubric is their malleability. Moodle rubrics can be saved as rubric templates. These templates can be re-purposed by you and your peers to:

  • save a great deal of rubric construction time
  • ensure assessment consistency across course sections and or departments
  • ensure design consistency

Moodle rubrics are based on a limited form, so it might be prudent to convert a few of your existing rubrics to determine if Moodle rubrics meet your requirements.

If your team moves forward with Moodle rubric templates,  ensure that the rubric name and descriptors offer ample information for instructors and developers to quickly identify the rubric that is best suited for their purpose.

John Allan

John Allan

John is a Canadian who writes about learning object development and online facilitation from a teacher's perspective.

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