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Big changes for Moodle mobile App

How to save yourself $500 / Euro on the Moodle mobile App !

Moodle have recently announced that the previously free mobile app now has a fee for all but the smallest of sites.

This is entirely reasonable, because sending all those mobile push notifications, and indeed developing the app itself, cost money. You can still use the completely free Moodle App, and if you have a small Moodle site you might not really notice too much different?

Take a look at the table below that explains the changes:

If you are currently using the mobile app, the most important changes affecting most sites are:

  • No multimedia push notifications
  • No simple branding (no logo or basic colour scheme)
  • 50 connected devices maximum for notifications
  • Only two courses available offline per device

The good news is, if you have a very small Moodle site (sub 50 users), you can probably survive OK with the standard free service 🙂

But if you have a couple of hundred users, many of them using the mobile app (or you plan to encourage this) then you really need to be looking at the Premium service.

The good news is, if you are hosting on MoodleCloud (although this has strict limitations with number of users, and even more critically disk space), or with a certified Moodle Partner, you get Premium level for FREE – saving Euro 500 (or just over US$500).

There has never been a better time to consider moving your Moodle site to a Moodle Partner – it’s like getting an instant $500 discount !

Contact HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner since 2006) or your local Moodle Partner to discuss your options 🙂

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