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Microlearning and Moodle, part 2

Microlearning and time.

Continuing my exploration of Microlearning.

And tying it to Moodle, H5P, and our own practice and ElearningWorld Mobile App.

Next statement from Wikipedia…

Microlearning can be an assumption about the time needed to solve a learning task, for example answering a question, memorizing an information item, or finding a needed resource (Masie 2006). Learning processes that have been called “microlearning” can cover a span from few seconds (e.g. in mobile learning) up to 15 minutes or more. There is some relation to the term micro-teaching, which is an established practice in teacher education.

Let’s unpack this…

  • Microlearning is something that takes only a little time
  • It’s related to micro-learning (maybe)

Hmmmm, I remember in my initial teacher training many years ago having a few sessions on ‘micro teaching’.

I enjoyed it.

The idea was that our teacher training class took turns to teach something to the others, but it had to be just 10-15 minutes.

It was an interesting exercise, because it helped one think clearly about the key knowledge or skill you were trying to impart, and also to consider what was realistic.

A side-benefit seemed to be that there wasn’t enough time to get bored! That sounds flippant, but it’s actually a really good point.

I’m to sure I would class something that takes 15 minutes as microlearning now though. Since my teacher training days we’ve seen the web, smartphones, and psh technology appear. And I think the definition of what represents a micro-experience has got a lot smaller and shorter… every since the initial 144 character length limitation of Twitter.

So, I don’t personally feels a 15 minute YouTube movie represents Microlearning.

A 2 or 3 minute movie would though.

Here’s my parameter for defining if the time required can easily be terms Microlearning, I call it the coffee test…

“Can I learn this whole content or have this learning experience while I’m waiting for my coffee to be made?”

What time limit would you put on Microlearning?

3 minutes?

2 minutes?


Let me know!

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